Regarding The chorus in general

"Wow! What stage presence you beautiful ladies have!"
- Jo-Anne M

"It was an amazing performance all the best in Grand Rapids."
- Carolyn K

"You guys were unbelievable."
- Tammy G

"It was wonderful! I loved every minute of it!"
- Melanie K

"It was wonderful! Congratulations and success on your upcoming international show, you will make us proud!"
- Jacqueline C

"It was a great performance yesterday enjoyed every minute of it, all the best at competition, safe travels."
- Marilyn W

"I felt honoured, grateful and blessed at your performance! So very well done!"
- Betty F

"You're in Seaside A Cappella?! I just LOVE your group!"
- Amy B.

"Please ensure that you thank, on our behalf, your Seaside A Cappella group for the beautiful song. Thank you for thinking of this special gift, it is lovely and I will listen to it often. You threw me off about “We've only just begun” in your video so when 'Heart of my Heart' began it was a pleasant surprise! I can certainly see why you scored so high at the music festival. The dedication of your members really showed in the quality of song."
- Anne

"The only thing that would have kept me away from your performance would have been a major snow storm! You and the gals were terrific. Lots of fun.”
- Pat H

I absolutely love your video, "That's Life". When I am feeling down and lonely, it gives me a much needed boost. I lost my father not long ago. He lived in Sussex, N.B. I was heart-broken as I was not able to attend his funeral, due to COVID restrictions. Your video lifted my spirits, when I was in need of comfort. The breathtaking scenery, the beautiful faces and voices blending together, are delightful. Thank you for your marvelous production, Seaside A Cappella.
- Mary of Red Deer, AB