During two summers, a few years prior to 2017, Judy Comeau ran a 6-week course on “The Art and Technique of A Cappella Singing”. In June of 2016, she was invited to give a series of vocal workshops at the South Shore Ukulele Players. It was at those events that Judy made several contacts whom she felt might be interested in a full-fledged barbershop chorus. She created a “Summer Chorus” and distributed learning materials to those interested and on the last Wednesday in June 2017 we held our first meeting/rehearsal.

Wayne Mendes, an experienced barbershopper began working with Judy towards becoming a Co-Director. He came with a wealth of experience having sung with The Masters of Harmony, International Men’s Champions. Unfortunately, we lost Wayne before the summer was out to a job opportunity in California that he could not resist.

Paul Coutts, who was directing the Dukes of Kent, in Kentville offered to step in. That offer was
gratefully accepted.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
In June of 2018, we became a chartered chapter of Harmony, Inc. The charter was presented by the International President at the Charter party on July 28th.

Also in June of 2018, the chorus attended our first AC&C (Area Convention and Contest) at Mount Allison. About 28 members in all – the majority of our chorus. We did our first public performance for our Area sisters on the Saturday night Fun Night.

These women found out, firsthand, what an incredible experience it is to be a part of this organization. Something that, as much as we try, we cannot describe, but something that must be experienced firsthand.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In June of 2019, the chorus officially participated in their first Area competition and were ecstatic to be rewarded with all their hard work - they qualified for Internationals!  They were excited but decided not to compete in the internationals that year and instead focused on honing their skills.  

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And who ever would have guessed that a world pandemic would happen.  However, Seaside A Cappella remained strong and met on Zoom regularly. They created a virtual chorus!  When restrictions loosened, they began rehearsing on fair weather days in parking lots, then in masks, until finally that restriction was gone.  The chorus actually grew in membership during covid!  In fact, now in 2023, the chorus is more than twice the size that it was in 2019 and our numbers keep growing.